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Below you will find actual customers providing their reviews from the many services that we provide. Full names and personal information has not been disclosed. A request may be made by emailing us and upon written approval of testifying customer. Approved contact information will be provided. Note: Information changes often.


Hackensack supported us with our PC and macs in our business, just Great.


Hackensack did a great job fixing my pc. more than satisfied you can always count on those guys.


Hackensack is immediate life savers.Our office systems are in great hands.

Laura D

My experience was great I contacted them to do a remote session and Tom took care of a virus andinstalled a new and better protection. I liked them so much i decided to let them support mewith my website and social marketing Less


If communication is the key, then these guys unlocked all.

Jan Linden

I thought my pc life was at an end. I had lost my MS Word File – My internet was on the fritz – and all the people at the local computer retail stores told me that my pc was beyond repair -that my problems were all hardware related – NOT ONE SALES CONSULTANT KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT MY EMAC – NEVER MIND MICROSOFT APPLICATIONS – MORE THAN THAT I WAS TOLD THAT IT WOULD COST ME $300.00 UPFRONT WITH NO GUARANTEE THAT MY PC COULD EVER BE FIXED!Luckily, I was rescued by a knight in pcmac armor who immediately knew what to do! Not only that – he left our house with everyone smiling again – even my fish were smiling!


Very prompt service — same-day service, even on weekends, almost every time. First time I used PCMacNerds, my PC crashed on a Saturday morning and by mid-afternoon, they came to my home to work on it. Prices are very reasonable. Also used them to purchase a new Mac — very easy, online service, quick delivery and PCMacNerds came over to set it up and transfer my old files. I’ve been using them for help with all of our computers

Lily in Paterson

called pcmacnerds because my computer was not turning on. It resulted that I had killed the memory drive. Ken offered to help and went beyond his way to keep my cost down. When ken brought it back I was amazed that he was able to recover my files and priceless pictures. He is a remarkable and professional business person. Colleagues of mine have been impressed by his work and have turned to him for assistance. I strongly recommend PCMacnerds – they are an exceptional company.


Extremely helpful and knowledgeable mac experts! Since I travel extensively I always find my self in need of computer assistance for many different reasons. I do have to say that in most cases I do find people. As long as I do not mind waiting for an appointment or driving to them that also cost a lot of money. Well no more of that, now all I have to do is call pcmacnerds my saviors. Wherever I am they will connect to my mac and help me with any issue that I have. Best of all I can understand all that they do.


I am writing to strongly recommend pcmacnerds as a computer service support experts. pcmacnerds has serviced my computers and helped me with technical related issues. I found them to be very knowledgeable and skilled in the profession. The combination of skill, experience, and intuition is exactly what I had been looking for in a computer service to assist me with all my computer needs. The tech was also very polite and pleasant to work with. I would recommend pcmacnerds to anybody who needs their computers repaired/serviced or have any technical issues they need resolved. I am confident that you will be just as satisfied with the services as I was and recommend them to others as well.


The kind of personalized service we need.‎‎ These days its not easy to find someone with expertise in both PC and Apple platforms, and, to find someone to service your computer needs at your home or business for a nominal fee is even more rare. Luckily, I found PCMACNERDS. The tech helped troubleshoot my old Mac and when the time came to replace it, transferred all my files and applications to my new MacBook. He helped familiarize me with the new operating system and made suggestions to keep it backed up and running efficiently. All this took several hours, yet charged only a minimal fee. Since then he has not hesitated to answer all my questions promptly and make invaluable recommendations. I much appreciate the knowledge, patience and quick responses and will certainly continue to use PCMACNERDS for all my future computer needs


At the moment I am headquartered in South Jersey, on Long Beach Island, thus a little out of range to come in to your bricks and mortar location. This made your willingness to respond to my “cold call” a pleasant surprise. Since I am both impatient and computer handicapped, frustration can build quickly. Add to this the “chain of custody” issues which arise in the handling of legal documents, which I am doing. Given my circumstances, the eccentricity which occurred related to automatic change of date text in a document to the current date is particularly alarming. So when I called you after the end of the business day and, in a panic, asking your help to undo this unwanted automatic action, I was more grateful than you can know for your willingness to jump in to problem solve. I am also grateful for your persistence, including several follow-up emails.


I had a faulty power supply in a PC. pcmacnerds came on my site and diagnosed the problem. They replaced the power supply and even tuned up my system. I was very satisfied with the work ethic, and the responsiveness


It all started by me trying to install extra memory to my mac and I Killed it. It would not turn on any more, and my heart skipped many beats. I had all my personal files on it plus many family pictures which were priceless to me. Pcmacnerds I LOVE YOU GUYS. Not only is my system working again but all my files and pictures are there. How can I ever repay you?


Besides that fact that Greg is one of the most trustworthy and intellectually inclined individual on the face of this earth. Of my experience with Greg, there is no such thing as “I don’t know”. His mind set when it comes to business and as a person in general leads to great achievements up to and including immaculate outcomes, whether it be a service call or just a simple cup of coffee at star bucks. Honestly, words can’t describe how great of a human being this man really